Defend Education Update

Hi everyone,

As it’s the start of a new Term, here’s an update on all the great stuff that has been achieved as part of our Priority Campaign – Defend Education.

The other Sabbs and I have done lots of fab stuff although much of it has been behind-the-scenes so we thought we’d tell you all about it!

So, at the start of the year, we set out what we wanted:

Our GTAs to get fair pay and fair treatment

More support for international students

Proper feedback on our work

A higher education system that is fully and publicly funded


And here is a summary of what we’ve achieved:


Establishment of the first Postgraduate Research and Teaching Committee and other collaborative work with the UCU.  Read more here and here.  

More course reps than ever engaging and influencing the School.

Expansion of Teaching awards.

Most successful Education Assembly ever.

Joint lobbying of senior MPs about treatment of international students.

Support for refugees and asylum seekers getting equal access to education at LSE in conjunction with STAR’s Equal Access campaign.

If you’d like to know more about what we’ve done, have a look at the progress report here, check out the website, or email me with any questions.


Alex Peters-Day