Take a day trip to Oxford!

If you’re looking for a nice weekend or day trip, I would highly recommend visiting Oxford. It’s an old, beautiful city, and even just taking a walk around was enough for me. I managed to get extremely cheap tickets (around £2) using Megabus two years ago, but I can’t guarantee the same prices today. A quick search tells me that a trip next week would cost about £10 each way, so looking even further in advance is bound to get you even better rates.

I would first suggest that you visit the University of Oxford, because it’s just incredible. I visited Christ Church College for £5.50 and it was definitely worth it. I have to admit I mostly visited because I’m an avid Harry Potter fan- but even if you’re not, I’m certain you will enjoy it, too.

If you get the chance while you’re there and you like J.R.R. Tolkien and/or C.S. Lewis, I’d also recommend stopping by Eagle and Child. It’s a traditional style pub that the two authors visited together. And on top of that, from what I recall, the food was quite good.

On the more academic side of things, check out what’s on at the University of Oxford before you go. They hold many public events, and you never know what you might find. The schedule includes quite a few concerts and recitals which could be interesting to attend.

There are tons of other things to do there that I wouldn’t know much about (I took a quick day trip, so I’m no expert), but you can check out the following links for more tips and suggestions!

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